Setting subheads with CSS


เทคนิค CSS ที่เอามาเล่นกับ Header

Originally posted on The Typekit Blog:

Today’s post was written by Marko Dugonjić, a designer based in Velika Gorica, Croatia.

Subheads are typographic devices that establish content structure for the reader, providing a short overview of the content that follows. We can use them as points of visual interest or as simple navigational aids that gradually disclose the content. However, default subhead styles rendered by the browser can be too generic. If you’re looking for some variety, you can achieve some interesting effects with a pinch of CSS.

To start, we will bring together a few basic methods that can be combined and expanded upon:

  • sizing to a typographic scale
  • variations in style
  • hanging subheads
  • running-in subheads
  • non-alphabet symbols
  • crossbars

As we look at each of the methods, you can follow along on this demo page to see these—and even more—variations in action.

Sizing to a typographic scale

When designing a hierarchy for the web, a…

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